Spin & Gold: Spin the Wheel, Rake the Gold & Collect Rewards!

In 2020, Natural8 presented an energizing, high speed, and activity stuffed big stake rendition of the Sit and Go competition — Twist and Gold! It began with only a small bunch of purchase in levels and has now extended to cover nine purchase in levels.

This quick moving 3-gave SNG-styled competition is a variation of the standard SNG. The fundamental component of Twist and Gold is that it really allows you to turn your direction to a fortune. With the capability of winning up to 100,000x your up front investment sum, Twist and Gold is the quickest way for you to develop your bankroll.

With different multipliers, you will encounter something else entirely of game. The speed, the beginning chip stack, the visually impaired structure, and the time bank vary as per the multipliers, and there’s additionally the choice to buy protection to guarantee you get the most worth from your purchase ins.

Presenting 6-MAX Twist and Gold
From first May 2021 ahead, Natural8 will present one more adaptation of the Twist and Gold game – 6-MAX Twist and Gold. Rather than playing 3-gave, you can now play in the seriously difficult 6-max competitions. There will be 3 purchase in levels to begin with, $1, $10, and $100. The 6-MAX Twist and Gold games will have similar elements as the first 3-gave games which incorporate the multiplier, Twist and Gold protection, Twist and Gold Test, and the $50,000 Everyday List of competitors.

Tip: The $1 and $10 purchase ins highlight the 100,000x Multiplier, meaning you can transform a $10 get involved with a $1,000,000 prize pool.
Turn and Gold Test: Gather Gold For Additional Prizes
There are numerous ways of helping your prizes while playing Twist and Gold at Natural8. The Twist and Gold Test permits you to gather gold for additional prizes. You should simply choose a time period, pick a test, and begin playing. Up to 60% Cashback can be procured with the Twist and Gold Test.

Tip: The more you play, the Greater the award!
$50,000 in Day to day Prizes with the Twist and Gold List of competitors
As well as gathering gold for the Twist and Gold Test, you’ll likewise be gathering gold for the Twist and Gold $50,000 Day to day Competitor list. With each game that you play, you’ll have the option to expand how much gold in your control and climb the competitor list for extra rewards. Pick between the 3-gave or 6-MAX games, or you can play them generally as each up front investment level will have its own different list of competitors.

Tip: You’ll have the option to support your gold by 1.5x when you play during HappyHour which runs from 06:00 to 07:59 (UTC 0) Everyday.

Turn and Gold is for sure one of the most thrilling and compensating games on Natural8. With every one of the astonishing advancements and the big stake multipliers, you’ll have the option to support your bankroll in the blink of an eye. The prior you start, the more you win!






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