Overview of the Alchemy Slot

One of the more appropriate topics for a video slot machine might be alchemy, the process of turning common metals into more valuable ones. Online gambling, like medieval alchemy, involves starting with something of lower worth in the hopes of increasing that value through a series of steps. Both ideas are simplistic in their presentation but can be challenging when put into reality. Choosing the correct game is an important first step toward the possibility of obtaining the current form of transmutation. Does Storm Gaming’s Alchemy from the UK meet your requirements?

It’s likely that the scarcity or esoteric nature of historical how-to manuals for performing alchemical transformations contributed to the difficulty of achieving desired results. Intriguingly, modern nuclear processes can convert lead into gold isotopes, however the process is currently uneconomical. Using what amounts to a microscopic pair of tweezers, Indian researchers like Madras Professor Thalappil Pradeep were able to chemically transform silver into gold. Around that time, anyhow.

Storm Gaming’s Alchemy slot game takes a completely traditional approach, ignoring any new scientific interpretations. Usually, Storm Gaming releases slots that are powered by Megaways, but Alchemy is completely different. To begin, it has a Book of Ra-era vibe, what with its five reels, three rows, and ten color-coded paylines. Alluding to the type of medieval workshop where alchemical operations might take place, some dusty paper and candles are stacked behind the reels. The game’s music has an Arabic flavor, which is appropriate given that alchemy was pursued by people in cultures as diverse as Medieval Europe, India, China, and the Muslim world.

The underpinning mathematical model is evaluated as medium-volatile by Storm Gaming (3.5/5), with an RTP of 95.41 percent. Not the best ROI we’ve seen, but in par with what we’ve seen from Storm so far. Alchemy has a poor hit rate of 10.05 percent, so hopefully you don’t have a run of victories.

Regular symbols pay left to right beginning with the first reel and can consist of up to ten different sorts of symbols. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin. For example, a line of four J’s or Aces pays out at 5–10 times the wager, while a line of five of any of the other six symbols pays out at 10–50 times the wager. When green lion wilds appear, they grow to fill an entire reel and stand in for all other icons (save the scatter).

Featured Alchemy Slots

The sun scatter symbol appears on all reels. If you get 3, 4, or 5 of them, you’ll win 2x, 20x, or 50x your bet, respectively, plus 10 free games. Scatters that appear during the active bonus round can also result in additional free spins. During free games, the wild symbol will be replaced by a different one. It still grows to complete its reel, but now seeing many of them awards an extra free game and raises the value of the least valuable premium symbol on the board.

Slot Verdict in Alchemical Procedure

Indeed, that’s all there is to it. Alchemy, we can only assume, involves a convoluted process of gathering the appropriate regents, uttering the right words in the right tone, or conducting some kind of elaborate ritual in precisely the right way. Alchemy the slot, on the other hand, is a lot simpler, requiring the player to wait patiently through a rather low-thrills base game until a certain number of sun symbols appear, triggering a free spins round in which premium symbols may be transformed. There are a variety of more interesting alternatives to slots with a symbol upgrading bonus round. Slots like Gorilla Kingdom by NetEnt and Pink Elephants by Thunderkick are two more that fared better on the enjoyment scale. While Alchemy does have an expanding wild over an entire reel, its limited number of paylines means it is less successful than similar features in games that use a ways system, such as those described above.

The data supports this conclusion. Even while a few good wins for the proper medieval alchemist playing Alchemy are certainly conceivable, the review and official figures seem to indicate otherwise. While it’s possible that Alchemy might turn some lead into gold, Strom Gaming has placed a €250,000 win cap on the game in case any players manage to pull off the transmutation process. While that may sound like a lot, keep in mind that the studio’s own internal simulations showed a maximum payout of 1,541x the initial wager. So, a little bit of gold, but not a lot.

The second unknown is whether or not players will want to keep playing to see whether they can actually pull off the’magic’. Since Alchemy is one of those games that seems a lot older than it actually is, it may appeal to individuals who enjoy playing slot machines that have a retro aesthetic. The reverse of love at first sight, though, will apply to certain people. Words like ambivalence, disgust, or even plain meh seem suitable here, rather than outright hatred.






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