An Overview of Jolly Cutters

Dice pgslotauto Lab, a business obsessed with the six-sided dice, has released a strange new online slot called Jolly Dicers. After the strange but fun Sugar Cubes slot, we decided to offer another game by this developer. That lovely small game was a little different, but not a terrible alternative for some light fun. Their follow-up, Jolly Dicers, is even harder to get into than their first. You may probably argue that it’s completely unique.

Jolly Dicers is not devoid of intrigue; in fact, its enormous potential is probably the game’s primary selling point. All aboard if you’re ready to learn the joys of dice rolling on a ship at sea!

Whether or if you end up enjoying Jolly Dicers depends largely on your first impression of the game. The visual style and animations have a bouncy quality that calls to mind early 2010s PC games like Tales of Monkey Island or, more tenuously, Age of Booty. The action of the play takes place on the ship’s deck. Initial play has symbols falling into a 4×4 inner grid, with a special symbols-filled 1×1 outer grid around it. Below this 6×6 matrix, a captain and his companion turn wheels on each spin to get the symbols moving. It’s interesting and reminiscent of NetEnt’s Finn and the Swirly Spin, but I can see how it could irritate certain players. There’s a lot happening, and it would be wonderful if people could disable the animations if they wanted to. It’s only a thought; maybe other people might enjoy the ambiance.

Betting time, before sending pirates to animate reels. To adjust the stake per spin, click the coin symbol and pick an amount between 10 p/c and $/€100. While auto-spin is available, free spins still have to be played manually. There are a few numbers to go over while we’re here. The return to player (RTP) percentage is fascinating, coming in at 96.39% during the main game (which isn’t too awful). However, it skyrockets to 97.5% during the Gamble Game (which we shall examine later). Finally, volatility is significant, with a 4/5 rating on Dice Labs’ Richter scale, so be ready for some chilly swings in between the hits.

When 4 or more identical symbols touch each other vertically or horizontally, a winning combination is formed. When a cluster occurs, the affected symbols are deleted and replaced by fresh ones, giving the player more opportunities to win. The standard payout icons are representations of the numbers 1 through 6 on a die made out of various colored wood pieces. Payouts start at 0.4 times the investment for 4 “ones” and go up to 9.6 times the stake for 16 “sixes,” indicating that the larger the number, the greater the payoff. There is also a wild that moves along the Orbiting mechanism throughout the base game. It can complete a cluster by substituting for any other symbol on the dice.

Advantages of Jolly Cutters

The fun and excitement of Jolly Dicers come primarily from the game’s supplementary elements. There are four unique ones that can increase your earnings during the main game:

The highest-valued symbol on the dice is substituted for any that appear between two magic potion symbols that are adjacent to one another in a horizontal or vertical line.

Bombs – When two bomb symbols appear immediately opposite each other the dice symbols in between them are destroyed, and the value of each symbol is tallied up and paid out.

Two cutlasses facing each other eliminate the low-paying 1, 2, and 3 dice symbols and award the sum of their values.

Shooting a pistol will cause the high-paying 4, 5, and 6 dice symbols to be destroyed, awarding the corresponding payouts.

However, the Free Spins bonus round is the main attraction. Six free spins are awarded when two scatter coin symbols land on the Orbiting Reel in opposite positions. This side game is played on a 4×4 grid with the same symbols as the main game’s dice. At the start of each spin, two dice are rolled, and the numbers they display are subtracted from the next spin to boost the odds of winning. If a pair of identical symbols appears, such as two sixes, they are eliminated and another spin is added. The multiplier in the bonus game begins at x1 and increases by +1 with each successive cascade. Each each spin will start with a fresh multiplier.

In the final section, you’ll find the Gamble Game, where anything goes. When 6 cascades happen in a row, either during the main game or the free spins, the feature becomes available. Now we follow a poor slob as he walks the board. The maximum number of consecutive bets per player is three, and with each roll of the dice, they stand to win up to six times their initial wager.

Consensus of the Merry Jurors

Reviewing Jolly Dicers was challenging. As a whole, the offering is a bit of a muddle at first, so it takes some time to gain a handle on it and make an opinion about what’s on offer. The game is obviously a labor of love for the development team, and it may take some time to get used to all the little extras and animations. The Orbiting Reel is clumsy in the way it relocates bonus symbols. Surely the intention was to mimic a shaky rope system, but at first glance it can be a little disorienting. The two pirates who are spinning the reels are equally irrelevant. Both of Dice Lab’s slot machines require at least one demo before you can play for real money.

If you’re on the fence about giving the game a shot, the possibilities may tip the scales in its favor. On the other hand, it may not. Like many aspects of Jolly Dicers, this one has an unexpected twist. The maximum payout in the regular game plus free spins is only 53 times the initial wager, so it won’t set your heart racing. The Gamble Game, however, significantly increases both the RTP and the potential. If you play the Gamble Game to its maximum, you can increase your base game and free spins wins by a whopping 216x (6x6x6)! This works out at total wins of up to an astonishing 115,528 times the bet. That’s a huge sum, and the odds of it happening are much bigger. Those figures may look good, but it’s likely that there will be a maximum payout.

Finally, some players may be turned off by Jolly Dicers because it seems too complicated or like it’s trying too hard. However, the benefits of Jolly Dicers require more time to notice. One group that might enjoy the Gamble Game is high rollers. Jolly Dicers is unique and has a fun pirate vibe, although it takes more effort to warm up to than Sugar Cubes did. Dice Lab deserves credit for spicing things up, but the final product is bound to please some players more than others.






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